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KB Financial Group, Inc. is a holding company that engages in providing financial services through its subsidiaries.

Dividend history for KB Financial Group (KB)

KB Financial Group (stock symbol: KB) made a total of 3 dividend payments.
The sum of all dividends (adjusted for stock splits) is : $1.46
Dividend yield (TTM) : 0.00% See KB Financial Group dividend yield history

Dividend payments for KB Financial Group (KB) from 2001 to 2005

Annual dividend payments

Year Dividend (stock split adjusted) Change
2005 $0.54-35.55%
2003 $0.84 992.21%
2001 $0.07700N/A

List of all dividend payments

Date Dividend (stock split adjusted) Change
2003-12-26$0.84 992.21%

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