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PayPal is the operator of an online payment service that can be used to pay medium and small amounts, for example when buying and selling online.

Earnings for PayPal (PYPL)

Earnings in 2021 (TTM): $5.48 B

According to PayPal's latest financial reports the company's current earnings (TTM) are $5.48 B. In 2020 the company made an earning of $5.27 B an increase over its 2019 earnings that were of $3.11 B. The earnings displayed on this page are the earnings before interest and taxes or simply EBIT.

Earnings history for PayPal from 2014 to 2021

Year Earnings Change
2021 (TTM)$5.48 B3.98%
2020$5.27 B69.42%
2019$3.11 B18.1%
2018$2.63 B16.69%
2017$2.25 B42.43%
2016$1.58 B5.1%
2015$1.50 B19.01%
2014$1.26 B