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Revenue for InMode (INMD)

Revenue in 2022 (TTM): $0.37 B

According to InMode's latest financial reports the company's current revenue (TTM) is $0.37 B. In 2021 the company made a revenue of $0.35 B an increase over the years 2020 revenue that were of $0.20 B.The revenue is the total amount of income that a company generates by the sale of goods or services. Unlike with the earnings no expenses are subtracted.

Revenue history for InMode from 2018 to 2022

Year Revenue Change
2022 (TTM)$0.37 B5.7%
2021$0.35 B73.49%
2020$0.20 B31.81%
2019$0.15 B56.11%
2018$0.10 B